The Goods - II LP

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Sydney space funk trio, The Goods, are Badmandela, Rosario & Black Tree. With the help of some friends, The Goods capture the energy of jamming and improvisation to create music that transports the listeners to a moment in time shared together on their new album 'II'.

Musically and lyrically äóÖIIäó» is about living in the moment. Each track harnesses the mood or vibration in the room at the time of its inception. The album features 20019's breakaway hit äóìLetäó»s Rolläó featuring Touch Sensitive (Future Classic), a reminder that mood is about choice...if happiness is a state of mind then why not chose it? äóìLast Chanceäó is an invitation to take life by the horns because, in these uncertain times, one canäó»t take anything for granted. äóìVoodooäó is that one flame, whose flaws you overlook because they got the mojo while äóìWalking On Fireäó is a nod to band's 80s heroes mixing the likes of Luther, D-Train, and Jam with a future club feel. "Peach" is an anthem for sexual liberation & at the same time being a cheeky funk jam. äóìShotsäó, the album single was born at a jam at Touch Sensitiveäó»s studio - Disco J rocks up a drum loop and turns it into a party! The Beastie Boys meets Marvin Gaye meet Anderson Paak in äóìCassandraäó resulting from a hang with The Goodsäó» friend Elliot Hammond of well known Australian band The Delta Riggs, while äóìTell Meäó is a sexy late night joint for those nights on the prowl. äóìChe Boogäó is an ode to the sleazy funk of Parliament, Funkadelic and Prince , and lastly the Black Mirror inspired äóìSupersonicäó is a tale from a time-travelling consciousness stuck in a dystopian 2020.