Real Live - Chatter In The Background 7"

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1. Chatter In The Background 2:04
2. Chatter Bonus Drop :48

1. Shake and The Fat Man 3:15
2. Uncontrollable 1:21

Since the emergence of the group in 1995 and first album A Long Awaited Drama released in 1996, Real Live has been on hiatus. Meanwhile "K-Def" Producer/DJ of the group has been keeping the groups brand alive with countless LP's and music to date. As years flew by, the group has been recording intricate songs in the process of staying true to the sound. While maintaining the unorthodox approach of real boom bap hip hop. This 7 inch brings you the gritty rhyme flow with intelligent decisions on music that reflects how we advanced in sound technology. There's a lot to be told in a 20+ year absence. The song "Chatter in the Background" is an example of what happens when you've been counted out. Crazy hitting pulsating drums, scratching and wicked rhymes come to the listeners ear. The B-Side has 2 songs "Shake and The Fatman" which features an up and coming new artist. K-Def recreates a old school classic. "Uncontrollable" Is an Iceberg Slick thought.. Real Live is letting you get a preview of what to expect from the groups 2nd LP "20 TO THE DOOR!