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Rawthentic Records

V/A - Rawthentic presents The Roster LP

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Rawthentic Records is a independent label which was formed early 2012 by Melbourne emcee P.Link. In the short time since, the label’s growing roster has been represented at an international & local level throughout Australia supporting the likes of Ultra Magnetic MC’s, Trem One, Brad Strut, Funkoars, Maundz & Jake Biz, just to name a few.

In between shows the label has released 3 solo EP’s from label stalwarts – P.Link, J.Mac & DownPat. Also with spots on the Obesecity 2 & White Russian compilations. All the while enlisting fresh young talent in the form of Eazy MC, Jestar Dharma, & DJ T-Nuc.

Now after a solid year of shows and studio sessions and a bit of recruiting, Rawthentic Records is proud to present THE ROSTER LP. A collection of new solo & crew tracks with no guest features, straight from the Rawthentic Fam – The Aphilliates (P.Link, J.Mac, DownPat, DJ Rellik), Eazy, Jestar Dahmer, DJ Metaphor & DJ T-Nuc.

TRACKLIST: A1 The Rawness - Secondhand DJs | A2 The Roster - P.Link, Downpat, J.Mac, Eazy & Jestar | A3 Don't Play - The Aphilliates | A4 Writin Rhymes - Eazy | A5 Nasty bars - Jestar Dahmer | A5 The middle children of earth - Skit | A6 The Root of Evil - The Aphilliates | B1 Half Full - J.Mac | B2 Hunting season - Downpat | B3 Authenticity - Skit | B4 I've Had It - P.Link | B5 Stop That - The Aphilliates