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V/A - The Rough Guide To Avant-Garde Japan LP

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From boundary-pushing koto musicians to experimental jazz virtuosi, Japanese music has long embraced all things avant-garde. This Rough Guide highlights some of today’s key innovators whose individualism challenges the conformist perception of Japan. Compiled by the renowned radio presenter, journalist, and Japanese music expert Paul Fisher.

A unique insight into the richness and diversity of the vibrant underground Japanese scene, which draws on myriad influences from free jazz and electronica to Zen budhism. Pioneering artists who push the boundaries of Japanese music, whilst at the same time paying respect to their musical heritage. Featuring tracks by free-spirited Koto players Michiyo Yagi, Karin, as well as koto/guitar duo tsuMGuito.


Michiyo Yagi - Rouge

Masanori Oishi - Syracuse Blues

Cockroach Eater - Kyogen

Qabbalah Emiko Voice - Sanosa

Karin - Uiteruyo?

Tsumguito - Fpb

Shun Sakai & The Long Goodbye – Sukanpo No Sakukoro, Bengawan Solo, Kanpyo