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Theo Parrish - Chemistry 12"

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Originally released in 2008, this is a 2020 repress.

'Chemistry' is one of the immediate tunes that you can't help but fall in love with -- an undeniable synth hook merging effortlessly with 'Boom, Bip, Geetar Compounds' from Adi Dick. Andreya Triana, Vito Money and Om'Mas Keith, meanwhile, repeat an idea over and over: 'The chemistry was meant to be,' a line as simple as the sentiment it's trying to express. Parrish builds, builds and builds until you find yourself in another register altogether and ready for a house track to send you into orbit. 'Untitled One' doesn't have the strike-you-down-where-you-stand appeal of 'Chemistry,' but it's one of those aforementioned growers. Piano, guitar, bass and drum all futz around in an attempt to establish a groove, but it never really grows into anything until Parrish takes things down and transforms what had been shards of piano into a coherent lick. At that point, things congeal into something akin to a funk march. This is Parrish at his most psychedelic -- helped in no small part by the noodling guitar -- and it's just as complex as anything that Villalobos has put to wax. 

A – Chemistry featuring Vito Money, Andreya Tiana, Adi Dick, Steve Spacek, Om'mas Keith, Sofie L, & Captain Coolbreeze
B – Untitled One Featuring Duminie Deporres