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The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour LP

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The hastily compiled Duophonic tracks, because Capitol could not wait for George Martin's first time stereo mixed masters from Abbey Road, Hello Goodbye, Penny Lane and Baby You're A Rich Man were not replaced USA wise until the USA CD release came out, as for Japan this would have been the same! Once these tampered with tracks have been heard, you never want to hear them again, (Penny Lane got it's first true stereo release, USA wise on the 1973 Alan Klein 'blue' 1967-1970 authorised compilation a long and needless 6 year wait!)

Even more crazy is the USA Mobile Fidelity half speed re-master vinyl pressing, inspite of being advised by George Martin not to use the Capitol vinyl master tapes, but the later shipped Cassette master tapes that had all the tracks in true stereo, they went ahead and mastered and released their "high end" pressing with those fake stereo Duophonic mono tracks, what was the point.

The 2017 DeAgnostini collector's release of the USA MMT album is the ONLY version to buy
1. It's has the full Abbey Road digital remastered tracks in true stereo approved by Calderstone/Apple
2. reproduces the original USA Capitol "rainbow" labels which is both the originators original and correct label for this USA compiled 12" album version.

The only original all stereo tracks versions of the USA compilation were
1. The German Hor-Zu -Apple release Vinyl, Cassette and 8-Track (tapes were not originally Dolby B encoded- hiss world)
2. The UK EMI-Parlophone Cassette release (the only drawback being Dolby B encoded tapes from EMI did not surface till 1976!)
When EMI-Toshiba Japan finally corrected this for their release of this compiled album is anyone's guess, after all with EMI it was always about the P.

Japanese pressing missing Obi

Used - very slight surfaace scratches