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Mr Bongo

Surprise Chef / Minoru Muraoka - The Positive and the Negative 7"

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Mr Bongo have stuck Minoru Muraoka’s 'The Positive and the Negative’ on 7" for the first time. A master of the shakuhachi, a traditional bamboo Japanese flute, flex his prodigious skill resulting in a unique mix of breakbeat jazz and Japanese folkloric music. 

On the flip Melbourne's very own Surprise Chef have covered the same track. Forged in their signature sound, "The Chef" have made 'The Positive and the Negative' their own whilst simultaneously treating the original with utmost respect. The shakuhachi and koto have been replaced by synths and guitars, but the breakbeat psychedelic vein flows richly through both instruments

The 7" vinyl format was the right fit for this release, so the original Minoru Muraoka recording which clocks in over nine minutes has been edited into a 7” version to accompany Surprise Chef’s new take. 

TRACKLIST: A: Surprise Chef - The Positive and the Negative | B: Minoru Muraoka - The Positive and the Negative (Mr Bongo 7” Edit)