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Funki Dreds

Soul II Soul - Back II Life (House Remixes) EP

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"A house mix?" Not a chance. To take a tune as big as Back To Life and a genre as broad as house, one mix by itself was never going to cut it.

Once we started exploring the possibilities of Soul II Soul inna house music style, it took four unique approaches to properly capture the essence of house music on the sound systems as they moved their crowds through different moods. First up, Zepherin Saint’s Thunder, eases into its take on the classic as the layers build up underneath a blissful floating trumpet. Booker T Kings of Soul Satta mix steps up the intensity with each crescendo of that famous chorus, Then the first of two DJ Fen mixes is a cheerfully skittery garage dub, celebrating the dance as it hits a peak. After that Back To Life hits the chillout space, as Fen’s second mix is so laid back it’s almost horizontal, giving pause to contemplate what just happened.

Four mixes, four vibes, one Funki Dred landmark.


A1) Back to Life (Zepherin Saint Thunder Dub) 

A2) Back to Life (Booker T Kings of Soul Satta Dub)   

B1) Back to Life (DJ Fen Strippers Remix) 


B2) Back to Life (DJ Fen Garage Dub Remix)