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Shabazz The Disciple - Hip-Hop Casino 7"

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Shabazz The Disciple, hailing from the Red Hook Houses in Brooklyn, NY dominated the Golden Era of Hip Hop alongside his Wu-Tang family. Exploding on the scene in 1994 with the Gravediggaz on their debut single "Diary Of A Madman". He also Co-founded the group Sunz Of Man and coined the group name and concept T.H.U.G. ANGELZ, as well as solo with his groundbreaking "Death Be The Penalty" single in 1995 (Penalty Records) and several of other singles, guest appearances and releases throughout the late 1990s into the 2000s.

Now in 2019 he re-enters the combination to his 1994 vault of GOLD BARZ, opening the safe to offer you 2 unreleased gemstonez: "Hip Hop Casino" and "Solemn Oath". Shabazz states: "I'm putting my blue chips on the table and controlling the bank on this bet, Hip Hop is a gamble like being in the casino! We bet big to win big!! It was a Solemn Oath I made to myself to never gamble on the streets again, like in the 80's!! Wingz Up!!"

Track List:

SIDE A) HIP HOP CASINO (Produced by Nod Head Productions)
SIDE B) SOLEMN OATH (Produced by Carlos "C12" Bess)