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Paul Hardcastle - 19 (The 30th Anniversary Mixes) LP

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Paul Hardcastle is marking the 30th anniversary of his 1985 anti-war hit "19" with a celebratory vinyl release that collects 14 versions of the career-defining single. 19: The 30th Anniversary Mixes includes remastered versions of the original mixes: the full length version (from the original 12-inch), the popular Destruction Mix and The Final Story version - the latter actually being the 'requiem' element which is the second part of that remix. 
Also, issued for the first time commercially is Hardcastle's demo of "19" that he recorded in his mom's front room! These originals are combined with a number of contemporary, creative reworkings (mostly by Hardcastle himself), some of which date from 2010 when he revisited the track to create variations such as History Keeps Repeating Itself and Welcome to Hell. The Inner Changes Mix is actually Victims of War (Pt 1) from 2010 and the Cryogenic Freeze Mix dates from 2012 when 19 Below Zero was issued.
In April 1985 Paul Hardcastle’s seminal track "19" entered the UK top 40 singles chart at #4. A week later it went to #1 where it remained for 5 consecutive weeks. Not even Duran Duran, on the back of the blockbuster movie A View To A Kill, could shift it! "19" was subsequently released worldwide, achieving overall sales in excess of 6,000,000 copies and hitting the #1 spot in 13 different countries as well as #1 on the US dance charts and #15 on the main Billboard Hot 100.
Paul Hardcastle said: “The message of 19 is as poignant today as it is was 30 years ago. Soldiers are coming back from the frontline of battle and are not being supported on their return to Civvy Street. Statistics recently showed more soldiers are committing suicide than died in battle."
Paul Hardcastle 19 - The 30th Anniversary Mixes Track Listing:
1. 19 (Destruction Mix)
2. 19 (Ptsd Remix)
3. 19 (History Keeps Repeating Itself)
4. 19 (Cryogenic Freeze Remix)
5. 19 (Inner Changes Remix)
6. 19 (Electronica Remix)
1. 19 (12" Version)
2. 19 (The Vision)
3. 19 (Welcome To Hell)
4. 19 (NUA Remix)
5. 19 (The Rage Remix)
6. 19 (The Final Story Requiem)
7. 19 (Jim Pavloff Edit)
8. 19 (Demo)