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Ocean Stirs - Through Twist & Seam [12"]

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Ocean Stirs - Through Twist & Seam

Dansu Discs 2021 takeover continues with Tom Jarmey added to the Dansu Discs team under his new alias Ocean Stirs.

His ‘Through Twist and Seam’ EP takes you on a journey across tasteful, jungle- infused electro, half-tempo rollers and vocal ear candy. It was a breakthrough 2020 for Tom, with numerous releases under both his Tom Jarmey moniker and collaborative project, Mother Of Pearls.

Five tracks which demonstrate an uncanny knack of studio trickery, in-depth knowledge of Fast Music, coupled with the restraint, poise and sophistication of an almost guru-level production talent.

Impossible to catagorize under one simple alone, I can see the thing preventing this from being played by eveyone is simply how far the pitch adjust stretches! Sure to cause a fuss when segued into any forward-projected collection of music, these tidy tools will jazz up any DJ set or live stream. Highly recommended! 

A1. High Noon
A2. Interscape
B1. Spawned In Motion
B2. Valley
B3. Latch