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Miles Bonny - Lumberjack Soul 2 LP

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Lumberjack Soul 2. The one you've been waiting for. It's been awhile but the life I've lived since the first one is a part of this music right here. The time, the journey, home building, the move, family, nature, the love, the vibes. Now available for you to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this project and all who will listen to it. It was recorded over the course of many years and finalized before all we are going through today. Although it does not to directly address the problems we collectively face, may it be a comforting moment in the midst of it all for you. It has been for me. I have love for all cultures and varieties of people.

I want nothing more than for you, us, and future generations to live in the best world possible. - miles

Beats by
Leonard Dstroy.
Dominique Sanders.
Anthony Valadez.
Noa Erni