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Money $ex Records

Knowsum - Play God & Shit Happens LP

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Knowsum knows, as the name suggests, more than your average Joe.��_��_
Maybe it's just a bad habit or even reckless love, but most likely��_��_
it's all of us.��_��_Money $ex Records presents: Play God & Shit Happens.��_��_
"Playing God" intends to be the artform itself. "Shit Happens"��_��_
refers to the nullity of things, well, because things just happen.��_��_
The result is life, theory and practice.��_��_
There��_�s singing through effect processors, bass strings have been��_��_
tinkled, guitars were played and the sound of falling objects on the��_��_
ground were used as snare drums.��_��_
What more do you want?��_��_