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King Tubby & The Clancy Eccles All Stars - Sound System International Dub LP

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‘Sound System International' is a Clancy Eccles produced dub set featuring ten thrilling King Tubby’s deconstructions of a selection of Dynamites rhythms where Tubbs spins the tunes around and comes up with something very, very special. as he takes these straight forward reggae songs, turns them upside down and on to somewhere completely different.

The ten track vinyl album remains the same as the rare original release and includes Tubby’s dubs to Lord Creator’s winsome ‘Kingston Town’, The Dynamites’ beautiful ‘Red Moon’ and King Stitt & Andy Capp’s ‘Herb Man’. The CD echoes the origins of dub in Kingston’s sound systems and comes with five bonus tracks including ‘Phantom’ Lynford ‘Andy Capp’ Anderson’s next cut to ‘Herb Man’ one of the earliest ever dub mixes; two outings from ‘The Ugly One’ foundation deejay King Stitt including his riposte to U Roy“You say you rule the nation with version…” entitled ‘King Of Kings’ and the amazing ‘Dance Beat’ where Stitt and Clancy discuss the early days and characters of the sound system scene and finishing up with The Dynamites’ stirring ‘Tribute To Drumbago’.

Originally released in a plain cover rubber stamped with only the title and track listing ‘Sound System International’ now comes replete with superb graphics, stunning contemporary photographs of King Tubby and extensive sleeve notes detailing the origins of the dub and deejay phenomenon. The set has also been totally re-mastered. We at Pressure Sounds were thrilled to be able to negotiate the release of this awesome rarity where, for once, the hyperbole is all for real.

TRACKLIST: 1. The Dynamites - Dub Star | 2. The Dynamites - Kingston Dub Town | 3. King Star - King Of Kings | 4. The Dynamites - Joe | 5. King Stitt & Clancy Eccles - Dance Beat | 6. The Dynamites - Garrison | 7. The Dynamites - Red Moon | 8. The Dynamites - King Tubby's City Dub | 9. The Dynamites & Andy Capp - Phantom | 10. King Stitt - I For I | 11. The Dynamites - King Banga | 12. The Dynamites - Down Town | 13. The Dynamites - Uptown Shuffle | 14. The Dynamites - House Of Darkness | 15. The Dynamites - Tribute To Drumbago