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Il Guardino Del Faro - Oasis LP

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Born 1940 in Milan, Federico Mon Arduini was a child prodigy who studied piano and was already performing at concerts from the age of eight. He composed pop songs for other ar sts which sold millions of copies, but his own solo success came a er he encountered synthesizers in the early 70s.

Viewed as a precursor of New Age sound art, Arduini was one of the first producers in Italy to use the Moog synthesizer and a mee ng with Bob Moog in New York only added to this obsession.

He was also an early adopter of the tradi on among electronic producers to use a moniker to disguise his iden ty. Il Guardiano Del Faro (translated as “the guardian of lighthouse”) is a nod to the small Italian fishing town Porto Santo Stefano, where Arduini created his studio in the mid-70s.

He produced a number of albums from this seaside idyl of electronic instruments and tape recorders, but Oasis stands out from the pack. Released in 1978, it became a cult classic for its experimental sounds and emo onal expressions. Spiritual synth sounds cover the album in a dreamy haze, oscilla ng between ambient and psychedelic. Sparing deployment of the Roland rhythm box gives dance floor favourites ‘Disco Divina’ and ‘Oasis’ touches of space disco and even teases proto-house elements like the great Sun Palace.