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Amen Brother

Fugitive - Resilience EP

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Fugitive is Dave Wallace, who started producing in 1991 as Rave Doctor. But as the hardcore sound started to take shape, he shifted to his alias Mad Dog for Underdog Recordings, where he created numerous anthems. 

As the jungle sound swept through the UK, Dave switched up yet again and formed Fugitive with Shaun O'Hara, also on Underdog Recordings. And a year later, he formed Aquasky with Brent & Kieron. 

This EP is Dave's return to the early 90's jungle sound of 1994, as the harder vibes merged with the musicality of the Bukem era that was sweeping through the scene at this time. It is also the fi


A1. Fugitive - 90's Antics
B1. Fugitive - Dark Times
B2. Fugitive - Feel It