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Ken Oath

Freda & Jackson - Freda & Jackson EP

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Ken Oath slip on their moon shoes for a joint venture with Freda & Jackson, pressing up four cuts that will have you slipping the surly bonds of earth and dancing in the skies. Loaded with basslines heavier than a neutron star and well-chopped breaks, produced with a dubwise ear for space, this is some of the duo��_�s finest material yet.��_��_

��_��_��_Kendama��_� is the heaviest cut here, a deep psychedelic outing that��_�s swathed in a foggy haze. Abstracted digi-flutes and koto plucks are paired with a skull-boring bassline and exacting breakbeat dissection, adding some levity to the leaden heaviness of the track��_�s bass-weight.��_��_

��_��_��_Cubone��_� slows but retains the hallucinatory haze that coils around all these trackers. Thudding bass anchors the floating drones and glitches, while percussion snakes through the track, building, like smoke slowly filling a room. The steady build is transportive, to the point where you hear the final echo tail trailing out into silence, and wonder how all that time dissipated?��_��_

Flipping over the record, ��_��_��_Platform 22��_� is where you��_�ll find the two of them at their loosest. Submerged vibraphone melodies and swirling voices play over a bassline that sounds like its descending the stairs, boisterous and half-drunk, to culminate in an orgiastic percussion frenzy at��_��_the end.��_��_

Spacious and dubwise, ��_��_��_Slo Mosely��_� is a tellingly heady closer. Samples are set adrift across the track as they are dubbed-out and dissolved into smears of sound. There��_�s a buoyancy to the whole piece, a pleasant weightlessness that keeps you floating after the final notes fade out.��_��_��_��_

One time for ya mind.��_��_