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Dance Regular

Footshooter - Libations & Movement EP

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Hot off the back of his SAUL project on Rhythm Section, Dance Regular proudly present FOOTSHOOTER - Libations & Movement. This EP takes you on an epic musical journey from start to finish from the skippy broken drums, synth stabs and live trumpet by Wilf Petherbridge in the opening track ‘Catch My Breath’ into ‘MALAIKA’ which starts off with Footshooters signature drums, these a little less broken than others on the EP but still maintains that energy to keep your attention. Lush chords float over the syncopated rhythm until a mighty funky bassline drops, while MA.MAYO weaves in and out with her softly spoken words about the city, struggle, love, health and drinking too much! Vibes here are Jazz, Brokenbeat, House and Spoken word. It’s silky, smooth and laid back but bumpy enough to make your neck bop!

Next is ‘LAY’ ft Natty Wylah, another of south London’s rising poets, his fast paced rap poetry hits heavy with an infectious hook on this bomb dance track! ‘FWD Movement’ is a rocking instrumental Brokenbeat track with trumpets by Wilf that put this one into an atmospheric Bruk house workout!

Then back into the laid back snappy drums, this time with the soulful vocals of Jaisal and rap by South Londons Slam The Poet on ‘Head Down’. Finishing off with the final track and our fave in the office ‘Slipped Back’ a beautiful seductive, heartfelt song by Izzy Risk that flows effortlessly over Footshooter’s signature drum programming with additional trumpets once again from Wilf Petherbridge, this one really sends a shiver up your spine!

This release works both on the dance floor and at home on the sofa! Amazingly detailed and produced to the highest standard, an absolute classic and must have for any UK Jazz, House or Broken Beat head!