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Late Night Tales

Floating Points - Late Night Tales

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Floating Points��_� personal collection of global soul, ambient, jazz and folk treasures form the latest in the warmly revered Late Night Tales series.��_��_

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points��_� music taste is notoriously tricky to define, ranging from ethereal classical at one end to coruscating techno at the other, united only in a firm belief in the transcendental power of music to move hearts, minds and ��_��_��_ yes ��_��_��_ feet. Similarly, his production career has ranged from early experiments in��_��_dance music��_��_with breakout records such as the ��_��_��_Shadows EP��_� and collaborating with legendary Gnawa master Mahmoud Guinia to his expansive album ��_��_��_Elaenia��_�, which met with critical acclaim upon its release in 2015.��_��_

This Late Night Tales excursion into the depths of the evening reflects his broad tastes. The globally-travelled producer has collected untold treasures on his travels from dusty stores in Brazil to market stalls near his hometown. There��_�s the gorgeous ��_��_��_Via L��_��_ctea��_�, culled from Carlos Walker��_�s debut album, Abu Talib��_�s (Bobby Wright) plaintive ��_��_��_Blood Of An American��_� and Robert Vanderbilt��_�s gospel reworking of Manchild��_�s ��_��_��_Especially For You��_�. Raw soul and feeling oozing from each��_��_song��_�s pores.��_��_

��_��At the other end of the music scale are the modernists, such as Qu��b��coise Kara-Lis Coverdale who weighs in with the indelible ��_��_��_Moments In Love��_�, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith whose ��_��_��_Milk��_� is an exercise in tranquility, while Sarah Davachi��_�s meditative mix-opener offers respite from a weary world.��_��_

��_��We have some tracks exclusive to Late Night Tales; alongside Davachi��_�s offerings there is also Toshimaru Nakamura��_�s ��_��_��_Nimb #59��_�, as well. as th.e now traditional cover version.��_��_Shepherd delved into his childhood memory for this one,��_��_a track taken from the first album his parents bought him, Kenny Wheeler��_�s ��_��_��_Music For Large & Small Ensembles��_�: Sam offers up his interpretation of ��_��_��_Opening Part 1��_�.��_��_Wheeler also contributes horns to Azimuth track The Tunnel, written and performed by Norma Winstone and John Taylor who, coincidentally, are the parents of Floating Points��_� drummer Leo Taylor.��_��_Closing the album, Lauren Laverne reads the suitably nocturnal poem ��_��_��_Ah! Why, Because The Dazzling Sun��_� by��_��_Emily Bront��_��_.��_��_

��_��_��_I tried to find music that reflects the stillness of night. And because my musical interests lie all over the place, it��_�s quite difficult to distil that notion down to just a few songs. I was quite keen to have some electronic music in there but��_��_I also��_��_really wanted to have some soul music mixed in, so I had to try and find a pathway between all of this different music.��_��_��_��_��_
-��_��_Sam Shepherd��_��_(Floating Points), 2019