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Cosmicslop Productions

Ewonee - Cheel LP

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New York producer Ewonee drops his debut full length 'Cheel'. "This album is a testament to the power of creative confidence. An album that to me represents letting go of overthinking and overanalyzing. Anyone who is a creative knows that we stand in our way of our goals a lot of the time. Cheel is me getting out of my own way and standing on my abilities as an artist. Our power as artist comes from knowing that our perspective is important to share." 

Limited to 200 copies, we're the exclusive stockist in Australia!


1 Orbital Motions

2 Belief

3 Happy Place

4 Is What It Is

5 Bending Corners

6 Smoothie Mornings

7 Keep It There Ya’ll

8 Chopsuey

9 850 CSI

10 Velvet Visions

11 Convert

12 Positive Affirmations

13 Morning Routines

14 Laundry Day