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Wax Museum Records

Dyl Thomas - A Tribute To Pete Rock LP

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Wax Museum Records is proud to present their sixth label release from Melbourne’s own, DYL THOMAS (Milwaukee Banks/Pang Productions).

The beat tape came to life as Dylan explains;

“I was one of those kids that grew up on a steady diet of 90's hip-hop. There was something about it, something spiritual, something raw and unfuckwithable. I admired the producers sounds, and how they were all using simular equipment but able to get their own style that was distinct. Pete Rock is just one among many i admired and looked up to. I had been listening to a fair bit of newer music at the time i made this tape. I sat back one day and said ‘you know what, imma go back to basics and make some head nodders’. So i pulled out the MPC 2000XL, listened to a shitload of Pete Rock records and just made like 4 beats a day for like a week, and this is what came out of those sessions, raw loops and beats taking inspiration from Pete's music.”

The result is a 12 track beat tape of original soul sam- pled productions by Dyl. His montage to the one and only Pete Rock. Originally set for a digital release, once we heard the full tape we had to put it on wax!