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Declaime - Young Spirit 2x LP

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Venerable and venerated veteran Declaime, or Dudley Perkins, of Oxnard, California looks to be nowhere near hanging it up. After all these years, stays on multiple underground labels (including Stones Throw Records and Mello Music Group) and a grand sixteen albums, the comfortably conscious emcee continues to boldy go where not many rappers have gone before. Ever confident, Perkins these days opts to rep his own imprint, SomeOthaShip Connect, above all others, and though his latest LP endeavor, Young Spirit, came to fruition with the help of eOne Music, the reliable two-name rap artist has proven time and time again to be a very formidable independent artist.

Perkins lambastes and blasts criminals, criminality and the evil forces of the world as he��_�s done so often before but in fresh form once again, assisted by a new assortment of guests (Blu, Aloe Blacc, Saul Williams among them), an alternative score orchestrated by his partner Georgia Anne Muldrow, and of course��_��_��_his conviction. He stands up tall for what��_�s good and right for the people and remains committed to doing right himself. Later on he goes in on his misled childhood of gang banging and seeing his supportive mom get sent away to jail and makes clear that he eventually saw the harm in his ways, or in other words the impetus that drove him onto a more pure spiritual path.

Though just one part of the song it��_�s in, a plug in favor of veganism and clean eating is inserted like a lifeline in ��_��_��_Pattie & Stokley,��_� and Perkins expresses a testament of love, dedication and loyalty to his life-mate in ��_��_��_Fantastic Fanatic,��_� further reinforcing his relationship commitments in ��_��_��_For A Lifetime.��_� After midpoint and past some great but lesser notable tracks comes the two part back-to-back combo of ��_��_��_Cop��_�s Ain��_�t ----,��_� Perkins��_� justified protest against murderous police officers that is riskily, perhaps haphazardly titled but necessary for extending a number of severe legitimate grievances.

With the best stuff Young Spirit has to offer, the end features the ingeniously conceived, perfectly executed triple play of ��_��_��_Misfit,��_� ��_��_��_Cake Boss��_� and ��_��_��_Check Yo Head.��_� The first relates the hopelessness and twisted turns of the ghetto with seemingly nowhere to go but down unless one refuses all the garbage around him or her, the second exhibits entertainers (rap acts in this case) who sell out for nasty gimmicks and stereotypes just to get rich and the third calls for us to adjust ourselves mentally and to recalibrate our cognition for proper health.

Dudley Perkins as Declaime is once more a freedom fighter in Young Spirit. In his low casual fluffy tone, he brings out in his speech all the strong progressive attitudes one must have to rise above the monotony, drudgery and wickedness in life and though his delivery is not akin to a Treach, Eminem or Tech N9ne type, his power of alternative advanced thought is liberating and something the former have not showcased to the extent that Perkins does in this album alone. For all these reasons, Young Spirit is freely and easily excellent.