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Extra Celestial Arts

Barney Mcall - Precious Energy LP

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2020 and 2021 were tough - this music was made as a balm for me and can hopefully be one in some way for you too.

When I was a child, I used to swim for hours in the shallows at Mt Martha beach. Mask, snorkel, flippers amazement. I would chase the baby flathead that would skim the sand and, was fascinated by all the beautiful sea life and the essence of nature. Intermittent warm currents would wash over me and it would feel so comforting and sanguine. This ebb and flow was accepted without question. Can I continue to accept it?

I used to love the early morning after a king tide at Silverleaves when I would chase the thousand soldier crabs that would burrow under the sand to be reclusive within an instant. Does it matter where they went?

As I delve further into music I see that in many ways, I have been trying to recreate those tides, currents and crustaceans with sound. As every wave is unique - I wish to be relieved of the bondage of self. - Barney McAll

TRACKLIST: 1. Precious Energy - Homage To Leon Thomas and Pharoah Sanders ft. Julien Wilson, Rita Satch | 2. Sweet Water ft. - Homage To Oshun Rita Satch, Julien Wilson | 3. Wild Horses In The Morning Sky ft. Laneous, Rita Satch | 4. Sweet Sweet Spirit ft. Homage to Doris Akers ft. Gary Bartz, Rita Satch, Belle Bangard | 5. Sun Rays ft. Jace XL, Laneous | 6. Stevland ft. - Homage to Stevie Wonder Gary Bartz, Jace XL, Rita Satch, Belle Bangard | 7. John Coltrane Homage to Strata East ft. Gary Bartz