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Andy Garvey - Without Weapons Vol. 1 Cassette

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Andy Garvey mixes the first volume of NADA’s three-part mini-mix series entitled ‘Without Weapons’; named after, and inspired by the imagery of, a chapter title from the 1998 work of British-Ghanaian writer, theorist and filmmaker Kodwo Eshun (1998, More Brilliant than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction).

A key figure in the Sydney scene, and with her sphere of influence spreading steadily northward, Garvey’s mix is a cascading journey through an impressively broad spectrum of Australian electronica

The mix is commemorated by an edition of 50 cassette mixtapes featuring the artwork of Australian landscape painter (and leading member of the Heidelberg School), Arthur Streeton (c. 1896, The Spirit of the Drought [oil on wood panel]).

TRACKLIST: 1 Fabrics - Mess (AfterHour Recordings) | 2 Fia Fiell - Caju (Butter Sessions/Noise In My Head) | 3 E Davd - Zero G (X-Kalay) | 4 PMA - Hek (Unreleased) | 5 Mosam Howieson - III (Silent Season) | 6 Bead - Documenting Reality (Self-released) | 7 GLM - Stryker Hydraulic Tension (Steeplejack) | Senate - Fumble In The Goal Square (Pacific Command) | Bleekman - Internal Rust (Couch Acid Recordings)