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AK Sports - Polarise EP

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More often than not dessert arrives as the third course. If that’s the case, Sydney label Gallery has brought a delicious treat to the table for GLRY003. Prepared by London via Sydney’s AK SPORTS (Madi Carr), the ‘Polarize’ EP is an ode to her affection for breakbeat, cathartic drums and UK club rhythms.

Since moving to the UK capital, Madi’s cemented herself as a voice of the ever-trusted Balamii Radio. Considered a goldmine by Europe’s tastemakers, the station has hosted the likes of Chaos In The CBD, DJ Seinfeld and Ross From Friends. A passionate radio host, selector and champion for women and non-binary people in the industry, Madi soon turned to production, eager to carve out a musical avenue to call her own.

Appropriately titled, the lead single ‘A Flash Storm’ is a brooding blend of breaks and shimmering tech pulses. The record almost ricochets, it’s sharp and aggressive, not once coming up for air. Imagine being chased through London’s projects by knife-wielding gang members and this’d be the soundtrack. Accompanying the release, comes a rampant remix from Glaswegian Aisha. An all out fistfight of dirty percussion!

Capping off a brilliant all female affair, the artwork was brought to life by ELLA MAXIMILLION. A close friend to Madi, Ella is a multi-disciplinary visual and physical artist based out of Melbourne who goes in to the design and inspiration behind it below.

"As long time fan and friend, it was really fun collaborating with AK SPORTS on bringing her POLARIZE EP into the visual space. The EP is highly emotive, packed with elative energy and a haunting drive. The EP artwork illustrates a liberated gathering and merging of moving bodies into an animated vortex. Nestled amongst the molten lava of beings, a ying yang sign pays tribute to the original Tank Girl of 1995; a powerful outlier existing in an apocalyptic time. For me AK SPORTS’ sound has always been about a transference of her high energy to dance floors and heralding the revolutionary power of dance music."