Miles Davis - Live At The Fillmore West Auditorium San Francisco 9 April 1970 LP

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Teo Macero meticulously edited the four concerts at the Fillmore East in June 1970 so that they would fit onto a double-LP album. The group now included two keyboards: Chick Corea took over the electric piano and the newcomer Keith Jarrett, in spite of his aversion to electric keyboards, contented himself with a small electric organ, a Fender Contempo. Jarrett, who venerated Miles, went along, very playfully, spicing up the free deliriums of the Corea-Holland-DeJohnette trio, without, however, being able to really participate: the two keyboards were located on opposite sides of the stage and the still rudimentary sound system of the powerfully amplified music prevented them from hearing one another. Each musician used the bass ostinatos—the only identifiable elements in the pieces—to get their bearings (along with, on Wednesday night, a variation on the riff from “Bitches Brew,” a significant revelation of Jarrett’s approach). The female face in the cover’s patchwork is that of Miles’ new girlfriend Marguerite Eskridge, the future mother of his third son Erin.

Side 1 1. "Directions" (7:00) 2. "Miles Runs The Voodoo Down" (10:17)

Side 2 1. "This" (4:39) 2. "It's About That Time" (11:29)

Side 3 1. "I Fall In Love Too Easily" (2:19) 2. "Spanish Key" (13:07)

Side 4 1. "Sanctuary" (3:21) 2. "Bitches Brew/The Theme" (13:50)