London Modular Alliance - Portable Sanctuary 2xLP

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Over several landmark EP's LONDON MODULAR ALLIANCE have established themselves as the premiere Electro act in modern electronica. Their distinctive blend of classic Electro and state-of-the-art modular synth techniques combine to create an innovative hybrid style all of their own. ART Records are immensely proud to present the long-awaited debut album from this unique talent. Presenting for the first time their vision of modern electronica over a double slice of vinyl, LMA stretch out to encompass not only their trademark bone-rattling dark electro rhythms but also haunting ambient interludes and sublime IDM.


A1. All Over
A2. Broken Remote
A3. You're Tearing Me Apart
B1. Bob's Rotten Head
B2. Complex 2020
B3. Little Baggy
C1. Thresholds
C2. More Options
C3. Champion Belt
C4. Hive Mind (Sketch #1)
D1. Black Powder
D2. Edge
D3. Frontal Lobe Damage
D4. Portable Sanctuary (Sketch #2)