FKA Twigs - M3LL155X EP

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Surprise release from FKA Twigs, five brand new tracks recorded in a few days shortly after the release of the astounding LP1.

Opener figure 8 sets the EP's darker edged tone perfectly within the first few seconds; a tough reverb-drenched kick drum thunders far away before her unmistakable vocal delivery lays itself over the top and scarce drums creak and groan threatening to fall apart at any second due to the weight of the track. Sudden explosions of melody with a strict eye on more underground club-rooted sounds shower throughout on this sure to be everywhere soon future RNB anthem. I'm your doll glances back at previous releases but pushes the sound FWD with more abstract mechanics at work in the beats with an impeccable vocal delivery as ever. In time comes takes a trap melody to devastating effect with auto-tuned vox sped up and down stretching across while glass & patron could be her most dancefloor focused work yet, a tight garage flex coils itself around deep subs keeping the low-end swaying before mothercreep ends things with a tight minimal electronica feel but with a maximal sensibility. The closest thing we could reference it sounding like would be a club focused pop LP dream hook up between Arca and Micachu.

M3LL155X is a completely singular release and one that really pushes the boundaries of experimental pop for the masses but brings in a darkside electronica undercurrent that upon hearing it will have people at every corner of the club yearning for more.