Digital Afrika - Asiko EP

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Digging deep into the depths of African rhythms and melodies, and influenced by international club music from Lagos to New York, DIGITAL AFRIKA is pushing the frontiers of live dance floor orientated Afro House in Australia and beyond.

Digital Afrika’s second EP features Digital Afrika’s trademark rhythmic fusion and high octane vocals from African-Australian artists Remi, Thando Sikwila, Olugbade Okunade and Cazeaux Oslo.

Asiko showcases the production powers of two Australian producers: Future Roots and Si Fixion. Their music incorporates multi-instrumentation, MPC sequences, live African percussion and Digital/Analog production. The duo’s live show is an original and dynamic synergy of digital sequences alongside high energy African percussion, hardware synths and featuring Afro/Latin traditional & modern dancers. While Digital Afrika's sound is a dance floor stimulator for any corner of the globe, their music has depth and richness that works in any listening environment.