V/A - Love Above Records 001 EP

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In 2016 in Melbourne, The Love Above began as a sanctuary of house and disco in Melbourne’s underground club scene. A party in which DJs explored their record collections in search of that dusty disco banger or that forgotten King Street b-side dub mix. A place where dancers could feel safe, free, and welcome to express themselves and their individuality. The sound was house music. The mentality was freedom and love. Finally, in 2019, Ryan Berkeley, DJ Ingrid & Dawn Again (The Love Above) embarked on their journey to share their love for house music. From this, Love Above Records was formed.

Love Above Records is a medium through which we can champion the sound that defines The Love Above. We aim to push house music with a modern twist, taking influence from the early years. Love Above Records is an extension of our beloved parties, and a way to take the party with you. A party you can play at home, a party you can carry in your record bag…and of course, something to start a party of your own.

LAR001 is a selection of tracks made by us and our close friends. It has taken a long time for it to come to fruition. From once existing only through long conversations on couches at afterparties, to finally holding a physical record in our hands...we present the debut release from Love Above Records - LAR001 Various Artists