V/A - Bodyclock Vol 1 EP

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Returning to our dancefloor roots, BODYCLOCK is a natural extension of our DNA - a foray into the late night club sounds that defined who Darker Than Wax are. The freshly minted series represents the label’s primary outlet for dancefloor burners and machine soul, shedding light on a new school of producers from around the globe and at the same time paying homage to the pioneers who laid the foundations for us. A celebration of afro-futurism that is ever-present in the consciousness of dance, BODYCLOCK is built for the nocturnal beings and discerning selectors that push this timeless tradition forward.

This first volume brings together five producers across four continents - Teymori from Australia, NYC’s Malik Hendricks, label mainstay Ricky Razu from Belgium, as well as DTW co-founder Kaye and up-and-comer Halal Sol from Singapore. Establishing both facets of the BODYCLOCK sound, Side A features two vocal-led soulful excursions, while the flip brings you three unabashedly jacking cuts to light the floor on fire. This is only the beginning - BODYCLOCK is coming with an onslaught of twelve inches and EPs, distilling our sonic outlook and looking to the future.