Surprise Chef - All News Is Good News LP

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"Cinematic soul from the Coburg Drive-In! The spirit of Axelrod with a nod to the Truth & Soul glory years. The College of Knowledge have done their homework, top marks" - Harvey Sutherland

All News Is Good News is the debut LP from Melbourne instrumental soul band Surprise Chef.

Recorded live to tape over a handful of sessions in the bands home studio in Melbournes inner-northern suburb of Coburg, it traverses the groups unconventional jazz-funk sound; journeying through cinematic shades of light and dark, tension and release.

Whilst the band comprises of four key members, All News Is Good News features multiple guest instrumentalists on bass flute, vibraphone, saxophone, congas and assorted percussion, creating vivid, textural landscapes within the journey of the album.

ʍWe wanted to make a record that reflected the connections we have within our tight-knit musical circle - All News Is Good News was recorded in our home and played, mixed and mastered by friends from different corners of our musical family. The title is an observation that every experience you have contributes to a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. - Lachlan Stuckey, Surprise Chef

The album is the first full-length release of the College Of Knowledge Records imprint, following the labels three 7 releases from Melbourne left- field funk/soul bands Surprise Chef, Karate Boogaloo and The Pro-Teens.