Logistics - Headspace EP

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Following the 360-degree drum & bass experience that is äóÖWaveformsäó», Logistics continues his three-part EP series, linking the sounds of past, present and future on the äóÖHeadspaceäó» EP. With seven solo albums, six EPs and several collaborative releases under his belt, Logistics is one of Hospital Recordsäó» most prolific artists. Heäó»s joined by the lyrical extraordinaire Inja and the vocal stylings of family mainstay Thomas Oliver.

Opening this four-track EP is äóÖStay Trueäó», a sublime dose of rolling liquid with the workings of New Zealandäó»s singer/songwriter Thomas Oliver. Atmospheric pads, nimble organ work and graceful harmonies come together for an elegant dose of Logisticsäó» drum & bass mastery.

Following a path of deeper liquid is äóÖRebuildäó» with its low rumbling frequencies and super sharp sonics, topped with layers of mysterious atmospherics. On a darker tangent is the title track, äóÖHeadspaceäó», rolling and hypnotic, itäó»s a testament of Logisticsäó» long-standing ability to carve out timeless, melodic grooves.

Switching up the vibe is äóÖBrand New Beginningäó» featuring the enigmatic Inja. Setting the tone with tranquil hip-hop beats, this nod to Injaäó»s history outside of drum & bass transitions into an upbeat number, beaming with Injaäó»s trademarkŒæpositivity.